Tejesta is a design-centered eyewear and accessories brand based in Miami, Florida, whose inspiration is global. 

Our current and future micro-batch collections enable consumers to become immersed in the narratives of people, places, and times past, with each spectacle bearing a unique serial number.

Tejesta pays homage to the Tequesta Native American tribe that once populated Miami’s Biscayne Bay, their presence dating as far back as the Third Century BCE. Known for their silversmithing and elaborate textile weaving, the creative skill of the Tequesta people (along with other Native American tribes) constitutes a primary source of aesthetic inspiration.

Committed to honoring our influences, while complementing the appearance of those who wear our frames, Tejesta combines artisanal craftsmanship with meticulous designs to deliver high-end products accessible to all. 

We are deeply passionate about democratizing a culture of excellence, fostering an appreciation for the design, craft, and creative labor underlying high grade spectacles.

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