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Paratodo started as a response to the lack of humanitarianism within contemporary fashion. When designing each collection, everyone involved in the process is accounted for. That attention to detail is carried out even after an item is purchased. With each purchase, 25% of our profits are donated to a specific charity that we have teamed up with that season. This is why our name reflects the Spanish phrase, "para todos," which can be translated to "for all." It is our mission to change the dynamic between designer and customer by introducing a third element, a party in need of help. We take inspirations from our everyday lives, interests, and city-culture and fuse them together with different aspects of the charity organizations we collaborate with. Paratodo is not a charity. It is not a Streetwear brand, nor is it a Menswear brand. It is a movement to reshape the way we view our regular routines, such as buying clothes...
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