Weekends for us have been pretty tough to be honest with you guys. For me being open and transparent is one of those things I like doing.  With us and one other business open on the block it's been tough to gain any kind of traction. Most businesses in this situation usually just close up of the weekends and open Monday-Fri. I'm not yet ready to throw in the towel and call it quits, I think we can use the openness of the block to our advantage. 

I know the temperatures have been tough seeing that its summer, but the street being a little empty offers a few things I want to highlight: 

1. Parking, its hard to name another store with a better parking situation than us, no need to circle the block for hours, deal with cramped garages, or have to park far and walk. You can actually park less than 10 feet from our door and walk right into our air conditioned shop. 

2. Hanging out, we can really use the street to our advantage, if you skate theres plenty of room for that, you can take advantage of our bench sit down have a drink and just unplug for a little. Ideally we would love to bring in a food truck to the block to park up front and offer that, so if you know of any shoot them our way! 

3. Hidden gem, being 3 block off of Miracle Mile we are a bit tucked away but we feel that makes our allure that much better. If you know we're here, you know of one of the best hidden gems in the city. 

With that being said, we encourage everyone to spend some time on Sunday with us, step away from the house, log off for a bit and slow things down a bit. No purchase necessary. Really just take a hour from your day to hang out with us, we know you'll enjoy the time spent here and its great for us to get to know you as well. If you're reading this, I hope to see you at the shop next Sunday! 

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