Publish Brand Fall 2019


Publish is back this Fall with a great collection for the current season and beyond. I try my best when bringing in product to the shop to make sure it can live in the your closet beyond 6 months. The theme of on trend without being trendy is something I take seriously, and I feel like it is evident in what I offer. I also feel that Publish Brand offers such quality, while keeping the price right. You will walk away feeling you got tremendous value for your purchase. 


 This season Publish really delivers on the fabrics, fit, and price of the pieces. Each piece is unique, while still maintaining a classic aesthetic. I wanted to make sure the collection feels like Fall and gets you into that mood, while keeping in mind the Miami climate. You'll notice a sturdy cotton that is extremely soft to the touch on the tees, and great breathable nylons on the shorts, and pants. 


For a layering effect I brought in two shirts, meant to be worn as jackets. The KOOL shirt is made from a lightweight ripstop, which mimics a classic shirt jacket without the weight associated with one. This piece is a great option for those breezy nights out. The NAIL shirt incorporates similar elements, a great piece to wear buttoned up or open over a tee you really cannot go wrong with either. 


Make sure you come in to check this collection out, so you can appreciate the details! 

-Brian Seage 


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