Public Service Announcement

Lat night as I was scrolling Instagram I came across a post by Jimmy Gorecki, now for those who don't know Jimmy is a legend and an icon. Not only was a member of the original Ice Cream skate team, he is also responsible for the JSP brand, and has been behind the scenes of many many brands / projects. This post would take up too much time profiling his career. 

Instead, I want to focus on the caption pictured above. Right now we are all so digitally connected, but as Jimmy states it is a million times cooler to hangout and be around like minded people in real life. This goes beyond just shopping and retail, these apps are designed to keep us on them as long as possible, I am definitely a victim of over usage of social media.

Bigger Than Sneakers from AGAR on Vimeo.


Growing up I had nowhere to be "a shop kid" at. Many of the local shops here weren't close to home or very inclusive to outsiders. As I've spoken about many times it was't until I stepped foot into Corporate in Cincinnati that something struck me. I was treated like family from day 1 and welcomed to be part of the shop outside of just a customer.  I've stated before and will keep saying hanging out is really encouraged at Back and Forth, I want this to be a place to step away from the screens for a bit, hangout talk about sport, life etc. I want this to be a place for a kid who wants to learn or just be apart about this "culture" or "streetwear" world. I know how important that was for me to be around like minded people and make lasting relationships in real life.

I know the feeling of walking into a store and not being sure how you will be treated or perceived, but once you step foot into the shop you will feel the difference, I truly feel that this is something that has been missing in the retail landscape in Miami, especially for guys. So come in one day just to hang out, listen to music, talk about life, sports, share your dreams and goals, and most important connect with someone on a personal level in real life. 



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