Paratodo Winter 18 "What is the Culture" | PERSPECTIVE

PERSPECTIVE- The scope through which we view the world similarly, contrastingly, or just indifferently. It’s a way for us to express our unique ideas and come together over shared ones. Everything we know and do not know can be contorted in various ways when being viewed by different people. This is our way of expressing our perspectives through a t-shirt that encapsulates the helping hands we’ve given in the past two years, a hoodie challenging our concept of what defines “The Culture,” Anoraks that accentuate function and form in nonorthodox fabrics, and more. We want our audience to step back and take a look at things through the scope of a different lens because this is the foundation that built Paratodø…

Activity Fleece ( Winter Grey / Pink $145)

2 Year Anniversary Tee (Black $35) 



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