FW 19 Buying Trip Recap

I was nervous as hell to step away for the first time since I opened, but it was great to step away and refresh the mind with some new perspectives and weather ( it was cold, yeah in Vegas too). 
We visited a few brands in New York and stopped by some great stores along the way shoutout to Q and Marc from Kinfolk for chopping it up, it was a pleasure! Love the set up and how they approach their customers. Time to bring some of these concepts home with me and apply them. 
Stopped in the Maison Kitsuné showroom for a preview of what is to come for FW 19 and I hope you are as excited as I am for those goods to start rolling in! 
On the 1st I flew out to Las Vegas for Agenda / Liberty Fairs / Project shows. Had some solid meetings with our current brand reps, and spoke with a few others to add to our matrix! Soon you'll start to see posts about those so stay tuned. 
We ate some great food along the way, and had to continue our tradition at Mastros for that butter cake. Somehow ended up at the buffet at the Bellagio and lets just say we got our moneys worth.  We closed out the show with a night out  partying with Llamas and ending the night at Drais with Rae Sremmurd. 
Glad to finally be back, come through the shop this week and lets talk got plenty of stories to tell and its always good vibes around here. 
That New York skyline on my last day was everything. 


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