Cools Records Vol. 3



To introduce the new Barney Cools, Cools Records Vol. 3 collection we wanted to do our best in telling the story of a record shop and the overall vibe they provide.

This collection featuring the Cools Record logo tee which we thought was a great graphic and the colors match the theme perfectly, the Burning Palm Tee features an embroidered palm tree on the front chest and thee tobacco color used makes it perfect for the upcoming season. Next up is the Holiday Button down which was a hit for the summer in a leopard print that we feel is just the amount of loud you want to wear on a night out. Lastly we have a new chino in a nice slate color featuring an elastic waistband and a overall slim fit. The stretch and elastic waistband on this product make is the perfect brunch and weekend pant. 

We hope you enjoy this collection. 


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