Approaching 1 Year

I don't want to start celebrating too early, but the fact that at this time last year I was just getting started building out an empty space that would end up becoming Back and Forth, I can't help but look back for a bit to see where I came from. 

It's been just about a year since we first opened our doors and so much has changed, its pretty crazy to look at photos of the shop from the night we opened. I really am so thankful for those who have taken the time to come visit the store and can see my vision come to life. New challenges are coming everyday, but the goal remains the same; to provide the best experience and selection in the area and reshape the perception of what a retail store in Miami can become. 

The goal has always been to be more than just the merchandise on our shelves and racks. There always is an event we are trying to plan to provide more than just opportunities for you to buy from us to be part of the story. The goal for these events is to continue  building a community around the store, and give people an opportunity to be a part of something.

Followers online doesn't mean anything to me, I'm measuring success by how many people I can encounter on a daily basis and who I can bring together. I continue to encourage everyone to come hang out and be a part of this in real life. I know life gets busy but slowing down and enjoying conversations and just hanging out do the mind well. 

As we approach the one year mark and begin our second year in business I want to make it known to everyone who has come across the shop that I am extremely appreciative and thankful for the love and support so far, but there is still work to do. 


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